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CS:GO – Optimized Radar Settings

The radar is one of the most important HUD elements in CS:GO as it shows you spotted enemies, a dropped bomb or the exact position of your teammates. Professional players are constantly looking on it to get an overview about the current situation and to decide if they need to rotate. Unfortunately CS:GO’s default radar settings are pretty bad, because they only show you a limited section around your own position. In this guide we want to explain you all important radar settings and optimize them for competitive play.

We recommend you to go on a local server without any bots to test the different settings and values calmly. If you found your preferred settings, you should write them into your config/autoexec/valve.rc to save them permanently.


cl_hud_radar_scale 0.8
cl_hud_radar_scale 1
cl_hud_radar_scale 1.3

This command allows you to change the size of your radar.
Default: cl_hud_radar_scale "1" // min. 0.8 max. 1.3
Recommended: cl_hud_radar_scale "1.1"


cl_radar_always_centered 0
cl_radar_always_centered 1

The default value centers the radar to your own position. This way you are wasting a lot of space – espcially when you move along the map border. We highly recommend you to change this value to “0” to gain an advantage.

Default: cl_radar_always_centered "1" // min. 0 max. 1
Recommended: cl_radar_always_centered "0"


cl_radar_icon_scale_min 0.4
cl_radar_icon_scale_min 0.4
cl_radar_icon_scale_min 1
cl_radar_icon_scale_min 1

cl_radar_icon_scale_min affects the size of icons on the radar (e.g. teammates).
Default: cl_radar_icon_scale_min "0.6" // min. 0.4 max. 1
Recommended: cl_radar_icon_scale_min "0.7"


cl_radar_rotate 0
cl_radar_rotate 0
cl_radar_rotate 1

This command activates the radar rotation when you you are turning. If you don’t want the radar to rotate with you, set this value to “0”.
Default: cl_radar_rotate "1" // min. 0 max. 1
Recommended: cl_radar_rotate "1"


cl_radar_scale 0.25
cl_radar_scale 0.25
cl_radar_scale 0.7
cl_radar_scale 0.7
cl_radar_scale 1
cl_radar_scale 1

This command scales the map on your radar. Lower the value to zoom out and get a better overview about the whole map.
Default: cl_radar_scale "0.7" // min. 0.25 max. 1
Recommended: cl_radar_scale "0.3"


Recommended Settings

cl_hud_radar_scale "1.1"
cl_radar_always_centered "0"
cl_radar_icon_scale_min "0.7"
cl_radar_rotate "1"
cl_radar_scale "0.3"

Default Settings

cl_hud_radar_scale "1"
cl_radar_always_centered "1"
cl_radar_icon_scale_min "0.6"
cl_radar_rotate "1"
cl_radar_scale "0.7"

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  • Finnelele
    • Hey Finnelele, we see what you mean, but doesn’t every “radar settings guide” looks similar? There is no better way to compare and show the different settings. We didn’t copied anything from you – we created our own images on a completely different map, used own descriptions, own settings and also leaved some stuff out in comparison to your guide on steam. If you search for “radar settings guide” on google, you will find out that there are a bunch of other websites with similar looking articles. If we quote people or copy phrases, we always tag them and link to the original source…so we don’t see any problem here, to be honest.

  • J1T_T3R

    cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard “0” is very useful for me, you can include this one as some players like to open scoreboard very often

  • julneg

    Thanks very helpful

  • Popi_

    cl_radar_scale “0.5”
    cl_radar_always_centered “0”

    Download better radar:
    That’s good for me