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About Us

What means “clutchround”?

You might heard the word “clutch” during a CS:GO broadcast. It means to win a round as the last man alive for your team – especially when you are facing an incredible situation like a 1vs5.

What is

2 years ago we started clutchround to help beginners and new players to get into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We mainly focused on technical tutorials and guides to show how to setup everything for competitive play.

Our goal is to build the world’s biggest website for technical tutorials, gameplay guides and other useful content for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We want to deliver the most detailed and highest quality guides for CS:GO with all content made or approved by former professional players.

However we are not native english speakers and we can make mistakes during the translation process sometimes. If you find any spelling mistakes or grammatically wrong sentences, please let us know! Also feel free to use our social media (Facebook or Twitter) to contact us.

If you like what we do and appreciate our work, feel free to support us!

Basic Information

Launched: 08.08.2015
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Steam Group

Official Logo: