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RocketGraphics designed our official logo and helped us with several other things like the template for our featured images, the watermarks or the favicon. They are heavily focused on esports and gaming in general, so if you are interested in designs for gamers by gamers, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with them.


Some personal words from RocketGraphics

Hello, my Name is Marvin and I’m the person behind RocketGraphics. I started with graphic design back in 2005 when the esports scene began to rise. I’ve never lost my interest in gaming, so I combined both passions and decided to focus on esports and gaming-based designs.
I’m offering UX/UI, Web, Print and Mobile Design. Almost everything is feasible – from complete Websites and Social Media Layouts to Logos, Stream Overlays and Twitch Channel Designs. Feel free to contact me, if you like my work and want to talk about your project.



Facebook: RocketGraphics
Steam: Steam Profile

Recent Works

RocketGraphics Logodesign 4
RocketGraphics Website Design
RocketGraphics UI Design