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CS:GO – Map Mastery: de_dust2

Knowledge is power. Learn to dominate your opponents by knowing all the details, advantages and possible grenades on a specific map. Improve you individual skill, gain self-confidence and outplay your enemies with knowledge. This is the start of our new guide series called “Map Mastery”, which will show you all the necessary basics, grenades and tricks for each competitive map. We want to start with the most played map in CS:GO – de_dust2.

1. Map Callouts
2. Rushtimings
3. Bomb Damage Radius
4. Default Setups
5. Smoke Guide
6. Flashbang Guide
7. Molotov Guide
8. General Tips and Tricks
9. ProPlays

This guide is still work in progress. We will add the missing content as soon as possible and keep everything updated.

Map Callouts

Map Callouts de_dust2


All Rushtimings were measured with Top-Spawns while running with a knife in hand (250 Units per Second) and using the shortest way as possible.

Rushtimings de_dust2

Bomb Damage Radius

This visualization of the bomb damage radius is based on empirical data. We tried our best to get as accurate numbers as possible. The damage was measured with Kevlar + Helmet, but we focused on player health, so keep in mind that your kevlar value also reduces from the bomb explosion. Kevlar has an impact on the damage you receive from the explosion (like with grenades). Some positions (e.g. Back Plat on B) will allow you to survive the explosion, but you will lose about 50% of your kevlar. By the way, it doesn’t matter if you look straight into the explosion or if you turn around – the damage stays the same. Please take our images as a rough orientation and go on a local server to experiment with different bomb plants and positions. You can also visualize the bomb damage radius by yourself with using the console command “map_showbombradius“.

Default Setups

We want to show and explain you default setups for both sides (Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist), so you get an idea and overview how to play de_dust2 in the simpliest way. Default setups are very flexible and should give you several options for the mid and late game. They require at least a basic level of communication within the team and an Ingame-Leader, who is able to call the next moves and executions. Keep in mind, that every setup has its strengths and weaknesses and you still need to adapt your tactics to your opponent. Playing default setups also requires several gameplay basics and individual skill (Smoke Grenades, Aiming & Refraging, Teamplay, Communication etc). We are currently working on an additional video, which will show you both default setups in detail and explain a few things.

Smoke Guide

Flashbang Guide

Will be added as soon as possible.

Molotov Guide

General Tips and Tricks

Bomb Plants

Shadow Advantages

de_dust 2 shadow advantage a long doors
de_dust 2 shadow advantage a long side of pit

de_dust 2 shadow advantage a spot goose
de_dust 2 shadow advantage a catwalk

de_dust 2 shadow advantage a short ct base
de_dust 2 shadow advantage ct mid

de_dust 2 shadow advantage b below window
de_dust 2 shadow advantage b closet

Useful boosts and towers

cs go boost tower de_dust2 b window
cs go boost tower de_dust2 t mid

cs go boost tower de_dust2 CT mid
cs go boost tower de_dust2 catwalk to tunnels

cs go boost tower de_dust2 catwalk
cs go boost tower de_dust2 long doors

cs go boost tower de_dust2 a long offensive
cs go boost tower de_dust2 long blue box


cs go de_dust2 a spot single box gap
cs go de_dust2 a long blue box gap

cs go de_dust2 b spot big box head


Will be added as soon as possible.

  • Argi Farler

    Awesome Analysis! Keep It Up!

  • Isaac Howard

    You should mention that there’s the boost spot in CT to look over smokes.

    • You are right, we totally forgot both boosts in CT base. We will add them with the next content update, thanks! :)

      • Isaac Howard

        Also maybe wallbangs, although I don’ think dust2 has many

        • Zwizzør

          I think you can wallbang the lone crate on a site with AWP from long plat

  • iNsAnE

    Really useful guide!

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    Perfect guide ! Absolutely perfect ! My team love you ! :3

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    CLUTCHROUND team!! nice work…really helpful
    plzz do give for all the maps of BOTH the groups….as much as info possible….maybe get help frm pro teams n all…

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