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CS:GO – Corners and Angles

Did you know that staying away from a corner gives you a significant peeking advantage in CS:GO? This handy guide about corners and angles will show you some quick ingame examples and explain you how you can see your enemies a little bit earlier.

Angle Basics

The first thing you need to understand is how angles in CS:GO work. Take a look on the image below, where we prepared a visualization of the line of sights and the peeking disadvantage when you stay close to a corner.

csgo corners and angles dust2 disadvantage
As you can see, the terrorist has a huge peeking advantage over the CT, because he is staying away from the corner as far as possible. If you take a closer look on the terrorists point of view, you will notice that almost the half CT player model is outstanding from the corner. As a CT this is typical situation where you get shot before you even see your opponent. Remember this for the next time when you accuse somebody of wallhacking. Rethink the situation and especially your own position – probably your opponent could see your player model much earlier, because you chose a bad angle. Let us correct the CT position and compare the perspective when both players have almost the same distance to the corner:

csgo corners and angles comparison

Running vs. Walking around Corners

A lot of beginners tend to play very slowly and walk around corners. This is another bad habit, where you put yourself in a disadvantageous position. Walking or crouching around a corner will usually kill you against a good player. You can take a closer look on the image below to see the reason for that:

csgo corners and angles inferno
As you can see, this is a scenario where both players have a corner close to theirselves. Let’s pretend you are the terrorist, who wants to peek around. When you are walking or crouching around the corner, your opponent will see your player model (your shoulder to be exact) slowly coming around while he is holding his position. He has the time to prepare himself for the upcoming battle, adjust his crosshair and give you an easy headshot, while you are still searching for his exact position.

The key to success in situations like this, is to expect the enemy on the other side of the wall before you move around and – of course – to run around the corner. You will reduce the disadvantage of your own position and your reaction time by predicting your opponents position. Your fast movement also might suprise your enemy and force him to fall back or correct his crosshair placement during the battle.


When you are about to hold a position or peek around a corner, you generally want to peek from as far away as possible to give yourself an advantage. The player, who has the bigger distance to the corner, will see the other player model earlier. Each map has different distances, angles and corners, so sometimes the CTs are able to hold a position better and sometimes it’s easier for the terrorist side to peek around and pick the frag. You should start a local server and test your positions for weaknesses – maybe you are using angles, where your opponents always have an advantage over you? You should also learn to run around corners to reduce the disadvantage of your own position.

More Examples

csgo corners and angles inferno awp mid

csgo corners and angles inferno apartments