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CS:GO – Economy System explained

The economy system in CS:GO is a major gameplay mechanic and pretty important for competitive play. Understanding the basics of it is an essential thing on your road to a better player. We have visualized the money system of CS:GO for you and added a few explanations and tips in this guide.




Elimination Win $3250
Time runs out $3250
Bomb Defuse $3500
Bomb Defuse (Individual) $300
1st Loss $1400
2nd Loss $1900
3rd Loss $2400
4th Loss $2900
5th Loss $3400
Any further Loss $3400

Elimination Win $3250
Time runs out $0
Bomb Detonation $3500
Bomb Plant (Individual) $300
1st Loss $1400
2nd Loss $1900
3rd Loss $2400
4th Loss $2900
5th Loss $3400
Any further Loss $3400
Loss with Bomb planted +$800

Max. Cash $16000
Kill-Reward $300
Team Kill -$300
SMGs (except P90 $300) $600
Nova $900
XM1014 $900
MAG-7 $900
AWP $100
Knife $1500

How much costs you a full equipped round?

Terrorist Counter-Terrorist AWP
$2700 (AK-47) $3200 (M4A1-S) $4750 (AWP)
$1000 (Kevlar+Helmet) $1000 (Kevlar+Helmet) $1000 (Kevlar+Helmet)
$400 (2x Flashbang) $400 (2x Flashbang) $400 (2x Flashbang)
$300 (HE-Grenade) $300 (HE-Grenade) $300 (HE-Grenade)
$300 (Smoke-Grenade) $300 (Smoke-Grenade) $300 (Smoke-Grenade)
  $400 Defusekit (+$400 Defusekit if CT)
Overall: $4700 Overall: $5600 Overall: $6750

Remember this table when you start to hunt your last opponent (e.g. 4vs1 situations). If you die unnecessary, you will lose A LOT money and probably can’t get full equipped next round or drop weapons for your teammates.


Some simple tips for beginners

The money management of professional teams during their competitive matches is very complex and hard to explain for beginners. There are a lot of variables, which flow into specific decisions. We don’t want to simplify and generalize this topic too much – especially because we would like to present you some basic math for different kinds of rounds, so we will do a very detailed in-depth guide about more advanced money management together with some professional players. For this guide here, we would like to concentrate on some basic useful tips for beginners.


  • learn how the economy works (use our handy overview above)
  • take a look at the scoreboard from time to time to get a feeling about the money situation in your team
  • don’t hit your autobuy hotkeys as soon as you respawn – wait and check if an eco-round is necessary for your team
  • try to do some simple math during your matches and plan ahead
  • don’t buy too much in eco-rounds, so you are able to get full equipped in the next buy-round (plan ahead)
  • don’t buy an AK47 or M4 after you won the first round – use SMGs instead ($600 kill-reward, much cheaper, less risk to lose the round if you die)