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Welcome to clutchround!

It finally happened! After several weeks of hard work we are very proud to launch our website. Of course this is just the first step as we are planning to publish constantly new content for you guys. We already started to work on the next articles, which will be published very soon. Feel free to use our comment section below to tell us what you think about our project and also to leave ideas and wishes for future guides. We are really looking forward to the first reactions and some constructive feedback!


Hello and welcome to clutchround! After several weeks of hard work we are very proud to launch Our long-term goal for this project is to create the world’s biggest source of technical tutorials, gameplay guides and other useful content for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All of our content is made or approved by former professional players and we are trying our best to research and verify everything we publish. We are celebrating our launch with the following 12 guides and articles for you:

CS:GO – Video settings comparison and Tweaking Guide
CS:GO – The Ultimate Resolution Guide
CS:GO – Advantages of Digital Vibrance
CS:GO – Netsettings for competitive play
CS:GO – Sound Settings
CS:GO – Practice Config and useful commands
CS:GO – Economy System explained
CS:GO – Skill Groups and Matchmaking System
CS:GO – The Ultimate Weapon comparison
CS:GO – Best DeathMatch Servers
Article – CS:GO – Windows 10 FAQ
Article – Fitness Tips for Gamers

We know some guides are not very in-depth and more addressed to beginners, but we wanted to create a solid base for our launch. We already have some great ideas for unique und really worth-reading content updates. For this purpose we have prepared an internal roadmap for the upcoming months, so we will try to publish constantly new content. However, you shouldn’t expect daily updates or any regular news here as we are not an esports coverage website.

Thank you RocketGraphics!

A big thanks goes to Marvin from RocketGraphics, who designed our official logo and helped us with several other things like the template for our featured images, the watermarks or the favicon. We have a specific subpage about his recent projects and some general information how you can contact him, if you like his work and want to get in touch with him.

Feedback and mistakes

Please keep in mind that we aren’t native english speakers and mistakes can happen during the translation process. If you find any spelling mistakes or grammatically wrong sentences, please let us know! Also feel free to use our comment section below each article/guide to report mistakes or just contact us via social media (Facebook or Twitter).

Do you like what we do?

This project took us several weeks to plan and realize and we will release constantly new content for you guys. As you can imagine, it’s really time-consuming to research, verify and write all these guides and we are doing this in our free-time. The people behind this project are just some passionate CS:GO players – not a company or any kind of professionals, who would like to make a business out of this.

At the moment we are running a few subtly placed ads to defray our server costs. So the simplest way to support us, is to deactivate any kind of ad-blocker on our website. Also feel free to share our website and recommend us to your friends. If you are grateful for our project and enjoy reading our guides, you can also support us with a Steam trade offer. Feel free to donate whatever you like – every single skin donation is very much appreciated, no matter how much it’s worth. You can find more information in our Support Us section.

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